700,000 Apps Now In Play Store

                  Just a few days earlier we saw that WP has 125000 apps in its store.While Apple was ahead in the numbers game as far as application in its store are concerned with Android, Google was quickly closing the gap. It appears that the Play Store has now reached another important landmark and has now, according to Mountain View, managed to catch up to Apple.
                        While its absolutely true that quantity is not the defining factor — as there are a lot of mediocre apps in  every application markets — Android fans will surely be excited to hear the news. Apple has just recently told everyone that it paid $6.5 billion to developers since the introduction of its online store. Also, the tablet market and dedicated apps seem to the a bragging topic: Apple is proud to have more than 275,000 applications developed especially for the iPad, while Google is still struggling in that specific chapter.

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