Reasons To Switch To Android From Windows Phone

Recently I wrote an article about how Apple can "steal" a few customers from Android.Well,that will be a bit too harsh upon Android,I think.But don;'t worry apple fans I am not gonna post the opposite. Obviously,because i think its almost impossible to detach Apple fans from Iphone.So I am gonna post reasons to switch to Android from Windows Phone.


              One of the things about Windows Phone is that it’s designed not to require heavy tweaking like the old Windows Mobile did. Instead, its customizations are designed to be more automated and content-based.  For example instead of you having to go in and change a background image for a hub or live tile, things change automatically based on what’s going on.  A lot of people still really like all of the power to dig under the hood and change things that other people probably wouldn’t have the time or desire to get into.  This is another big reason why many of the old Windows Mobile users, who loved all the customizations they could do, have switched to Android which offers a similarly high level of manual customization options.  Of course, you don’t have to tweak everything in Android, but then you might get bored with it pretty quickly.

2.More Apps

              This is the gold standard complaint for new operating systems and it’s an especially prevalent mantra for Windows Phone even though in reality Windows Phone may very well support all of the apps you want.  Of course there are instances where it does not, and for those you’ll probably have to switch to a different platform like Android.

3.More Features

                                 Android has a lot more “innovative” yet perhaps not so useful features.  If you want to be on the cutting edge of experimental stuff, Android is what you need.  The whole 3D screens and cameras thing didn’t exactly catch on, but Android certainly had it.  Maybe you think it’s cool to move icons around on your screen, by holding your finger on one and then turning your whole body to the left or right.  Maybe you want to launch the camera by turning on your phone, holding a finger on the screen, then holding the phone up vertically and rotating it.  Or maybe you think pressing a button to make a call is for suckers and would rather just hold the phone up to your head to start a call.  There’s so many more of these strange new features coming to Android, where as Windows Phone still keeps things pretty simple and doesn’t add something unless it’s a little more thought-out first.
Windows Phone 7.5 Mango vs. Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread


                 Well,everyone needs to admit that WP is still quite young,whereas Android is the elder brother.The project butter in Android has made things smoother and faster.So obviously,if you want an OS with experience,Android is your choice.
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