Reasons To Buy A Surface Tablet

The Microsoft made Windows Surface RT has already started shipping out to customers.So why should you buy a Surface Tablet?Well,there are many reasons but out of them,I have shortlisted a few:

1.Its Microsoft

            Microsoft has always been known for making software for other hardware manufacturers, however when they do make hardware, they do it really well. You’d know this if you’ve ever owned a Zune, or any of the Microsoft-made keyboards and mouse options out there.  The Surface RT hardware is sure to be very impressive, high quality, and 'handsome'.

2.Battery Life

          The Surface RT is running on an ARM processor as opposed to the usual x86/x64 processors that Windows PCs usually use.  ARM processors are primarily designed for mobile devices with low power requirements.  That can mean only one thing-more efficient processing and better battery life.

3.Xbox Smartglass

         Agreed, any Windows  8 tablet will work with Smart Glass on the Xbox 360 and there will be versions of this software for other platforms like Windows Phone, iOS and Android, but the Windows 8 will surely have better support and more features in their Smart Glass offering, and the Surface RT will have the added benefit . Being able to control your web browser on a large TV screen connected to an Xbox 360 while you pinch and gesture your way around a touch screen tablet could finally make large-screen web browsing usable.

 4.Touch Keyboard

               Though I haven't yet checked it out or seen any videos,it definitely looks like some significant innovation went into making it so thin.  I kind of want to buy one just to try out that keyboard.

5.Microsoft Ecosystem   

                   Microsoft will be putting a lot of effort into adding interesting apps, services, and functionality to their new Windows tablets.  The free music streaming part of Xbox Music is only going to be available on Windows 8 and Windows RT, so that will be pretty nice to have.  Plus there will be the cloud sync capability so that you can play music from your other PCs.  You’ll also see some great apps for Bing related content including custom news feeds, sports, Bing search, travel information, finance, etc.  Xbox integration will be a great advantage as well.

          So have you pre-ordered  Surface ?What are your reasons?

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