Live Wallpaper In Windows 8

 Yes,you heard that right.There is a chance that WP 8 may bring live wallpapers in the lock screen.
                    Microsoft's Joe Belfiore and the other guys in charge with Windows Phone development did promise more  features to be unveiled at the event today than what was already revealed in the summer.
However,it is still a rumour.The image you see above has been sent as an example of this new functionality, which apparently will take some of the default apps, or there live tiles, to be precise, on the lock screen. Pretty good,right? Here,we are seeing the Bing search changing wallpapers as an option, as well as the Sports and News apps getting front and center, with what appears to be live updates directly on your lock screen.
                       Well,if its true then its quite good since one of my friends was reluctant from buying a WP 8 device just because it doesn't have a live wallpaper!What do you people think?

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  1. where can i get 3d live tiles wallpaper for win 8. The tiles using my own selected photos playing on d tiles .