How Can Apple Steal Customers From Android?

                    Recently,I was at one of my friend's house.He said that he will be buying a new smartphone soon.He said that he was extremely confused between two smartphones.Can anyone guess which are they?
Well,they are none other than the Iphone 5 & the Samsung Galaxy S III.This friend of mine,doesn't really have much idea of cellphones so I asked him to consider Windows Phone as well and well,if he could wait till 2013 then even Blackberry 10 will be there. But he just won't listen to me.This is the kind of effect that Samsung and Apple have created on their customers.Obviously he hasn't used Android or iOS so he didn't know which one would suit his needs.

                             I tried very hard to make him incline towards Galaxy S III(mainly,becaue I am not too fond of Apple,just a personal choice ;don't be angry Apple fans!).But he just won't listen.He knew that the Galaxy S III has more features but insisted that there is something "royal" about the Iphone.He said ,"An Iphone is an Iphone after all".
                           Why I said the above is mainly because i wanted to  emphasise the kind of aura that the two companies have created in the minds of their customers.From this I can conclude that Apple fans will always remain loyal to Apple no matter what happens, that's why Apple is so popular and that's absolutely understandable.Apple has supported Iphone 3GS for such a long time and their UI is not at all laggy (though multitasking is still a bit.......).Now what can Apple do to steal more customers from Android?Here are what I think the possible ways are :


                  This is really one of the biggest things that keeps me from accepting iOS.i mean,come on Apple!Its 2012!If Apple is so afraid that it will make their UI laggy then atleast they can provide that option isn't it?Those who need multitasking can enable it while others wh think that it is making the phone laggy can simply disable it.What do you reckon,Apple?

2.New Design


Apple has rolled out the sixth iteration of that groundbreaking platform, and it doesn’t look all that different than the first-generation release pictured above. That’s from 2007.

I’m not saying change, in a visual sense, is an absolute requisite of advancement. Of course Apple doing just fine without widgets, glanceable information, advanced multitasking and notifications, or any of the other features I demand of a modern UI. Evidently I’m in the minority. But competing platforms are continually evolving to bring more functionality to the end user, and the more they flood the market with their offerings, the more iPhone users are going to start sitting up and taking notice of all the things they can’t do as well.


                 I am not too keen about widgets but there are a lot of people out there who need that.The basic advantage is that you don't really need to open an app,just glancing at the widget and you get all the info.
So maybe you can consider that choice too,Apple?

                             I want to hear from you, though. You out there. You’re on Windows Phone, or Android, or Symbian, or BlackBerry, or (bless you) webOS. This is a geek-oriented site, so you’re on those platforms for a good reason, i.e., not because you bought something without knowing what OS it ran. So you probably have a fair bit invested in your platform of choice. Awesome.

Now tell me what it would take for you to make the switch. What would Apple have to do to entice you to leap across the gorge to the world of iOS? Or, if that leap is in progress, and your new iPhone 5 is in the mail this very moment en route to your door, tell me what it was that pushed you over the edge.

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