How Embedded Memory Is Better Than Removable Memory

The normal norm in today's techno world is that phones with micro SD card slots are better than those with embedded memory.While its true that such phones can carry more data (Nokia 808 Pureview over 80 GB)than their counterparts(Iphone 56 max at 64 GB),still the better word may not be always applicable.

Such devices are assumed to be better,simply because they’re more versatile. Much like swapping a SIM card into a new phone to move one’s mobile account to a new device, swapping a memory card allows a user to move his or her entire content library, including music, photos, and any other kind of storable data. Card transfers can also be faster and more secure than passing information over the network, and carrying many memory cards increases your amount of mobile storage without a corresponding increase in bulk.

However there’s a bright side to nonremovable storage as well, which is why it’s appearing in more and more high-end devices. Here’s three reasons it’s not the worst thing ever.

  1. Versatility May Not Always Be The Better Choice
         The swapping of micro SD cards from one phone to another is a common practice.Maybe you prefer to use on phone when you are at home while you prefer to use another phone while you are out of town(maybe due to battery life).I constantly swap between my Nokia E63 and samsung S3310 and there a few problems to that.
                            The main problem is that all my playlists get jumbled up and I have to constantly update  them.Its quite a nuisance.The same problem is with Android devices too.

here’s also the small matter of Android’s tendency to automatically generate new folders when taking photos if it detects a new memory card … even if that memory card isn't really “new” at all. In my case, that’s led to the irritating side effect of having three separate camera albums, two screenshot repositories, and a folder confusingly labeled “sdcard.”

2.Cloud Is Always At Your Service

     Nowadays you really don't need to worry about storage space cause cloud is always there for you .If you\ have almost unlimited data access and a good net speed then you can easily store most of your data in the cloud services. 
                                The general idea is that almost nothing is stored locally on your device, at least not for very long. The types of media which traditionally consume the most memory, such as songs and videos, are streamed live on-demand from services like Spotify and Netflix. Photos taken on the device are uploaded on a regular basis to a server-based solution like SkyDrive or Google Drive, after which they can freely be deleted from the phone because browsing them also happens via a remote connection. 

3.Jumbling Up Everything And Making a Mess

    Very often this has happened.I was using my Nokia E63 for quite some time and I had more than 50 apps installed,all on my SD card.Now I decided to use another phone for a week.At that time I must have deleted something and all my apps were gone.It was a mess and a real mess of time.

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