Creating Panorma Photos on iPhone 5 (iOS 6 Guide)

 Panorama camera is mode is a new featured in iOS 6 that can be found on your Apple iPhone 5 device. We have been playing around with it lately and comparing it to a Panorama App for Nokia phones and the results were quite interesting. While we found it that the advanced Nokia sensors create a higher quality picture, the iOS 6 built-in panorama mode is far more efficient in making the most out of its hardware. So how does one create panorama photos on iPhone 5? Let us help you out with that!

Note: The panorama camera mode will only work with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and the fifth generation iPod touch.

Using Panorama Camera Mode on iPhone 5   

  • Step 1: Prepare a location where you will try out your new panorama mode.
  • Step 2: Start the Camera App on your iPhone 5
  • Step 3: Go the App menu and select the Panorama option
  • Step 4: A new style of the application window will open along with the Camera App which allows you to line up your shot. Tap the box in the center to begin the first part of the panorama.
  • Step 5: Going from left to right you should keep the arrow centered on the horizontal line. As you move, you’ll notice the panorama box moving along its track. Continue turning your device until the photo is complete.
  • The iPhone 5 will stabilize any erratic motion and as long as you taking a panorama shot of a landscape that doesn't have any sudden objects passing by (like vehicles or a lot of people) you will be able to create an amazing shot!
  • Your panorama can stretch as far as 240 degrees.
  • You can also make the panorama from right to left
  Here is an example panorama photo with the iPhone 5 (click to enlarge):

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