The Ill-Fated Nokia 808 Pureview & Why It couldn't Be Successful

In a pointed editorial over the PureView Club, Marc writes of his experiences with stores and friends, amazed that Nokia has this breakthrough piece of hardware on its hands, yet seems to be actually trying to avoid selling it. Inevitably, jaws drop when people see what the Nokia 808 PureView can do, yet Nokia isn't promoting it at all, isn't pushing it out to any network stores and few of the general public even know it exists beyond some vague recollection of a 41MP-sensored super camera phone...
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Nokia Pureview 808 Unboxing

Marc writes:

...Then I showed them the Nokia 808 PureView, demonstrated it, gave a short lecture about the difference between full resolution and PureView technology, showed what pixel oversampling can do, made some amazing macro shots and a macro video (below, zooming in at very close range in 360p), and also showed them some of what I collected on Flickr and Youtube.

It completely blew them away.

One of them tested the device himself, and after he found it quite easy to use he dropped the big question: “why on earth didn't I know about this? Is Nokia even trying to sell this thing?”

That was my reality check: here in the PureViewClub and in the Forum, we´re surrounded by people who know very well what PureView is all about.
iPhone 5 and 808
Some of us have strong opinions to the kind of PureView the Lumia 920 will offer – and although I think people will love better lighting and OIS, I guess we all feel that the Nokia 808 PureView will be the best device for serious photography until Nokia comes with the next version combining both kinds. We can share those thoughts with each other and think it’s common knowledge.

I really haven't seen many commercials bragging about the 808 Pureview 41 MP Camera. Infact,in a Nokia Store near my house,the 808 banner was only there for about a week which was soon replaced by Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 banners,Sad, isn't it?

Maybe trophies like that at last week's Mobile Choice Consumer Awards will help promote the 808 to the public?

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