Best New Games For iOS and Android(Third Episode)

So my list of new games of iOS & Android continues.

7.Wild Blood(iOS)

      Wild Blood is a jaw-dropping game making Unreal Engine graphics real on mobile. It puts you in the shoes of Sir Lancelot who has to go against the gone-mad King Arthur and Morgana to... save the world, of course.


Indestructible is a sort of Twisted Metal for mobile - an online car chase and combat game where you grab the wheel and push the pedal to the floor. 

9. Shufflepuck Cantina (iOS)

Shufflepuck Cantina is basically a game of air hockey.However, what makes it unique and special is
the 3D world.You are actually an astronaut and you have fallen in this weird planet.In order to go back to your home you need to win the game.


What are your favourites?Comment below.

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