iPhone 5 Clone Price - GooPhone I5 for only $300?

 Back when we were still anticipating the iPhone and hopping for it to come out as soon as possible, an iPhone 5 clone was already going on sale. This device is known as the GooPhone I5 and the makers tried to build it in manner so that it would look like the iPhone 5 while keeping some obvious differences. The makers of this iPhone 5 clone based the design on leaked images and artistic impressions, as well as on the previous models and the rumors that were circulating around the Internet at that time.

iphone 5 clone goophone
 Copying is rather easy, but copying something before anyone has actually even seen it? You have to give the creator of he GooPhone I5, the iPhone clone, a round of applause for this folks! Obviously, the device runs on Android OS as there is no way that this China manufacturer could even attempt to copy the iOS. The device sports of a 4 inch screen, an Apple-styled design and an impressive Tegra 3 quad-core processor. On the back this iPhone 5 close has an 8 MP camera and its back-plate effectively mimics the iPhone.

 So the question people start to ask right away is what this Chinese manufacturer was thinking when they created the GooPhone I5? Surely they are aware of how powerful Apple is? Even Samsung has lost a gigantic lawsuit against Apple a month ago and this little company can't even afford to go to court with Apple! 

iphone 5 clone goophone i5
 According to previous reports however, it appears that the smartphone business of Shenzhen Shenma Lianzhong e-Commerce, was well ahead of Apple and where planning on suing Apple once they release their iPhone 5, considering that the patented iPhone 5 clone would have been out on sale before the device it was actually copying. What a twist! Of course, in the USA this type of lawsuit would hold on grounds in court, but in China this might actually be something rather court-worthy. After all, Chinese companies are famous for something called Trademark Squatting and many famous brands are often victims of Chinese companies and manufacturers.

 From what can be seen now, the GooPhone I5 is not on sale (at least not online or for those outside of China) but its price is set to be around $300. This is certainly a very impressive iPhone 5 clone to be honest!
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  2. China try to convince us it's an iPhone 5S - Goophone i5

    i'm Disappointment when you buy the iPhone Clone Goophone i5, i've got problem with charger Cable , Battery not charged and After the iPhone total lie .

    SOLUTION To Fix it :

    There are no undisputed phone iPhone real, I have purchased a phone Chinese clone iPhone 5, the fact is wonderful in terms of memory and games and applications easy download from Google Play, but the great disaster that there is a problem in the charger cable, are not working with him and the battery soonlose strength during the half-hour.

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