Future WP 8 Buyers

Microsoft is set to unveil its Windows Phone 8 mobile platform on October 29 and we already have a couple of devices to choose from: Samsung ATIV S, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, HTC Windows Phone 8X, and HTC Windows Phone 8S and their carrier equivalents, to name a few.

A recent Changewave research unveils that nine percent of those interviewed are inclined to purchase a Windows Phone 8. Two percent out of those find it very likely and seven percent somewhat likely. As far as the preferred OEM is concerned Samsung is leading the pack with 51% followed by Nokia’s 35%; HTC is third accounting for seven percent. The results are rather surprising because out of all Windows Phone 8 devices announced the ATIV S is the one we’ve been barely hearing (or seeing) about. Also, we’re yet to see the start of a huge marketing push which will probably make all the difference between OEMs.

The survey is based on answers from 4,270 consumers based primarily in North America; questions were asked in September.

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Samsung ATIV S Windows 8 phone
Samsung ATIV S Windows 8 phone 
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