Apple No Longer Looking To Samsung for quad-core Chips

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TSMC and Apple rumors either have a rhythmicity to the rumor itself or there definitely must be fire somewhere because there is some smoke. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited also popped up when we wrote a similar news post based on rumors: at that time Apple was allegedly going to ditch Samsung in favor of TSMC for the A5 chip. Same thing was whispered for the A6 chip too.

Truth is that Samsung is making the majority of chips (if not all) inside iOS devices and now, thanks to an analyst, TSMC is back again in the rumors for future Apple-designed SoCs. TSMC’s quad-core chips are said to be more efficient at 20 nanometers than other quad-core offerings on the market ranging from 28 to 45nm.

J.T. Hsu from Citigroup believes the above and China Economic News, who cited Hsu, reports that allegedly Apple already examined the 20nm process this August. Risk production might begin next month with volume production expected around the fourth quarter of next year.

There’s no doubt about the existence of bad blood between Apple and Samsung, beyond competition on the market. These two alone might be enough for the Cupertino-based company to turn its back on Samsung. We’ve heard almost identical reports of HTC considering a similar move, but the alternative suppliers were not named. At this moment it is too early to tell and, as usual when facing information from analysts, treat it accordingly.

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