Awesome iPhone 5 Application to Play Around With!

 As is to be expected with the release of Apple’s iPhone 5, there is an influx of new apps into the market. Many of these new apps have been optimized to take advantage of the handset’s larger screen. Since games are a fantastic way to introduce a new gadget, there are quite a number that are being promoted by Apple so as to push its new product.

New Games for iPhone 5

iPhone 5 apps
Lili is an awesome 3D puzzle game for the iPhone 5!
 So far, the most remarkable of these new apps for Apple’s latest device is Lili. Lili is the title of a game that has 3D graphics, which are similar to those of a game console like the Xbox or PlayStation. It is an RPG that lets you take control of the main character Lili as she explores the magic island. This game is user-friendly as it has a very easy control system that only requires you to tap items on the screen and drag as you solve the numerous puzzles and tasks.
iPhone 5 games

 Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is another one of the amazing games available for the iPhone 5. The RPG, which also costs $5, has blocky graphics similar to those used in games produced during the early period of gaming though it is more complicated than Lili. To advance in the game, you will need to use magic and a sword. There is plenty of audio feedback and great albums on the game’s soundtrack therefore you will benefit from using headphones as you play. You can also join forces with friends on social sites such as Twitter.

 Image Editing Apps

 Aside from the great games available for the new iPhone 5, there are apps that are specifically designed to distort (or improve) the quality of the images taken with the iPhone’s exceptional camera. One of these great apps is the Halftone app, which turns your photographs into halftone images with spots similar to those found in a color comic book or magazine. The app lets you include captions, speech bubbles and so much more for only $1.
 Another great app is E Color Splash, which allows the user to alter sections of an image to black and white while the rest of the image remains in color. It is a clever and innovative app that produces a film-like effect in a still photograph. Although some of the controls may be a little confusing, there is a built-in video tutorial that will give you all the necessary guidelines.

 Do not expect any of these to help solve the Purple Flare problem that many have been experiencing with the iPhone 5 camera!

Useful Apps

useful iphone 5 apps
 Prismatic is one of the apps that have been optimized specifically for the screen of Apple’s latest device. The app calculates one’s interests based on their profiles at social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. It is hard to say how accurate the application is, but it does seem like a bit of fun.

 If you want to know the Internet speed capacity of your 4G iPhone 5 for cell phone data, you can use the app, which is free of charge and certainly were useful with the type of information that it provides.
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