The New Nexus

A preliminary review of the smartphone LG Nexus 4
LG Nexus 4

The new Nexus is here!Well,not really,though the date when the new LG nexus will be announced is not far off I speculate.According to rumors, this year, Google may go to an entirely new strategy, with the support of not one but several manufacturers. Maybe so, but so far there is only accurate information about one model - LG E960, also known under the code name Mako. If we believe the data leakage from the documentation of foreign stores, selling new product will be known under the name of LG Nexus 4 - and we shall call it. The number "4" in this case points to the generation of smartphones Nexus.

Galaxy Nexus & Nexus 4                                                            

The device is yet to be finalized.Storage space may also be increased(I don't think its a good idea to release a phone with 8 GB internal storage & no micro SD card slot.

On the case of Nexus 4 no contacts for connecting accessories, while on the right side Galaxy Nexus had such contacts. But the power button remains in the same place. Volume rocker has not disappeared from the left side, just move a little higher. Here, hidden tray cards microSIM: as in the case of the iPhone, it will open with iSkrepki or improvised as a needle or a pin. 3.5mm audio jack jumped from the lower to the upper edge, which also swept a second microphone. The main microphone along with microUSB connector located at the bottom.

The most interesting thing in the design of LG Nexus 4 - is his backside.To the touch it is completely smooth and glossy. Perhaps the cover is made of scratch-resistant glass. In any case, as we tried, but scratch the metal key and could not.

Iphone 5 with Nexus 4

Back of Nexus 4

Unlike its predecessor, Nexus 4 received IPS-display instead of HD Super AMOLED, so of no PenTile, bluish, greenish or yellowish white is out of the question. The screen resolution is still the same 720 × 1280 pixels at a diagonal of 4,7 ".
We can not say for certain whether the touch layer is built right into the display LG Nexus 4. Rather, it is, as the technical features of the model are surprisingly exact match to the characteristics of the flagship Optimus G , which is equipped with just such an innovative touchscreen.
Sensors embedded in the screen or not, but the image on the screen looks amazing. Contrast, sharpness, brightness - all of these new options left behind Galaxy Nexus and very close to the iPhone 5 . In the latter, except that the brightness of the above, but, subjectively, the contrast is worse, the rest of the display, both are very similar and are among the best on the market.
However, to evaluate all the advantages of the screen, it is better to disable automatic backlight that too strongly underestimates the brightness. The maximum possible viewing angles, natural color reproduction, high contrast - all set in an LG Nexus 4 matrix. Still IPS + gives "a light" AMOLED'am.

It has a 8 MP camera as well,though the images are not that spectacular.

So what do you have to say about the new Nexus ?Comment below

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