Reasons To Buy The Ipad Mini

Maybe you have the 1st or 2nd gen Ipad. So why should you get the Ipad mini?Is it only because of its smaller size?Well.without wasting any more time lets find out.


                        The Ipad mini weighs 312 grams and dimensions are 200 x 134.7 x 7.2 mm.Comparing that with the 9.7 inch Ipad it is much smaller and can be easily used outside.Not so with the other Ipads.

2.One-Handed Usability

                            Unless you’ve got basketball-player sized hands, the iPad Mini is the only iPad you can hold with one hand. That’s important when you’re doing a lot of reading on your iPad, whether with a book, magazine, textbook, or web page. Watching video also because a much more pleasing affair when you have one-hand free. One reason e-Ink readers are so successful is because they are tremendously light and thin, and perfect for one-handed use. And while the iPad Mini, at 7.44mm in depth and 308 grams (compared to 9.1mm in depth and 221 grams on the Kindle Paperwhite) isn’t the lightest reader you can buy, it’s one of them. 

3.Price Factor

                       Maybe you have a first or second-generation iPad and you’re just looking for something different. You don’t necessarily need all of the brawny power of the iPad 4, but you want some fresh hardware to feel good about. The iPad Mini, which starts at $329, makes it easier to upgrade your tablet without stretching to the full price of the iPad 4 at $499.

4.Ease Of Use

                  The new Ipad mini is much easier to use because of its small size.It is much easier to use it at home,in your office or even outside.

 5.Resale Value

               Maybe you don’t need two tablets and you want to sell your 9.7″ to help pay for the Mini. Fortunately, the resell value of all previous generation iPads are higher than you think.

Will you sell your Ipad for the new Ipad mini?Comments welcome below!
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