Microsoft Is Working On Their Own Windows Phones

A new rumor of a Microsoft Windows Phone has come via China Times that Microsoft is working on their own WP Phones

So what has changed? Information has come forward  that demonstrates Microsoft does have their own Windows Phone hardware in the works; in fact, rumours are that it already exists and is in testing.

Details about what it looks like, hardware specifications, launch times, etc. have not been shared .The only thing known is when compared to current WP8 hardware it’s something unique.

 Why is Microsoft doing this?

There are  two possible angles for Microsoft doing their own phone.

One was the Google-Nexus route of selling their own hardware, direct to customers with no carrier interference. Sold through Microsoft Store, the devices could fill in a niche for Microsoft while their OEM partners can have the carriers. This would allow Microsoft to have their own "vision" of Windows Phone and a way to update the devices directly, with no one compromising their vision. In addition, their OEMs will mostly be kept "happy" since unlocked phones are not the crux of their business model.

The other reason we raised was Microsoft maybe wanted a contingency plan—in case the Windows Phone 8 launch doesn’t go well and the currently announced devices don’t catch on. Nokia could be in trouble financially and Microsoft would need another dedicated hardware partner.

A third possibility I've been hearing about for a weeks is tougher to swallow. There is news about Nokia focusing too much on the “Lumia” brand as opposed to Windows Phone, which may explain why Microsoft put HTC on a pedestal with the “signature” Windows Phone banter a few weeks ago in New York City.

Interestingly, just ran a story where they too are confirming a Microsoft Windows Phone. They note they learned about it weeks ago and  They do note that it is a “high end” phone but it will not launch with the 1st wave of Windows Phone 8 devices.

In an interesting and perhaps related story, the reputable site GeekWire is reporting that areas of the Microsoft campus have substantially beefed up security in recent weeks:

“The company notified employees this week that it will be implementing new physical security measures — limiting employee access at four key Xbox and Interactive Entertainment Business buildings to ensure confidentiality of upcoming products.”

“The changes will affect Microsoft Studios A, B, C, and D, on the west side of state Route 520, starting early next month with Studio A and rolling out to the other buildings by the end of the month.”

GeekWire is rightly claiming this is most likely related to next-gen Xbox console testing, but from my own knowledge Microsoft has some Windows Phone "things" happening in Building C too.

With a Microsoft branded Windows Phone entering into late stages of development, it would make sense that much like the Surface tablets, they would begin to implement tighter security around campus.

Source-WP Central
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