iPhone 5 users dominate Galaxy S3 users in web traffic!

 The on-going battle between Apple’s latest device, the iPhone 5 and Samsung’s forerunner, the Samsung  Galaxy S3, has produced a new winner in the latest contest. Recently, a study was carried out by Chitika to find out which of the phones had more web traffic and the results they got proved to be very interesting.

iphone 5 vs galaxy s3
The Galaxy S3 Sapphire Black
 The expectation had been that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would have garnered another win seeing as how it was released in late May and the iPhone 5 was launched only a few weeks ago. However, according to the study performed by Chitika, that is not the case. In their study it became clear that the iPhone 5 won over the Galaxy S3! Or rather, the users did. Let us explain...

 So far, the Samsung has managed to sell over 20 million units of the Galaxy S3 in comparison to the 5 million iPhone 5’s that have been sold since it was launched 3 weeks ago. In addition, the sales of the Galaxy S3 are still more than those of the iPhone 5 according to recent reports. Even with those outstanding numbers, the study revealed that users of the iPhone 5 are more active than the users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 with regard to web traffic. 

iphone 5 better than galaxy s3
The iPhone 5
 The Chitika analysis was carried out over a 7-day period between October 3rd, 2012 and October 9th, 2012. The analysis was based on a large number of mobile advertisement impressions from both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. From those statistics, the analysts were able to track the difference in Internet traffic volumes between the two phones.

 It is expected that more studies will be conducted by Chitika as well as other companies to track various statistics for phones or devices that have been launched recently. The statistics are important because from them we are able to see how mobile development is growing. It is assumed that with time, mobile usage will surpass that of the PC, which may one day become obsolete. 

 Mobile advertisements are going to hold more weight as tablets and smartphones become increasingly available. From the data received by Chitika, it can be seen that search engines like Google would make more profits from mobile advertisements on the iPhone 5 rather than on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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