iPhone 5 Purple Flare Solution?

  Many of the consumers of the Apple products, mostly those using the iPhone 5, have a common problem- the iPhone 5s camera and flash seems to have a “purple flare” problem that is rather frustrating since the photographs taken using this camera end up marred by the flare, which appears at the edge of the camera. Bellow is an image comparing the quality of the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and a Nikon D300.

 Due to the numerous complaints, Apple released an explanation for this strange and seemingly unforeseen problem and the general consensus, as always, was that the fault lies with the user. This is basically the standard used by Apple spokespeople when confronted with an issue, any issue; the carpenter blaming his tools rather than themselves for work gone wrong!

 According to the company, the “purple flare” problem is not a hardware issue with the iPhone 5’s camera, but rather the user’s limited knowledge of the art of photography. Oh really?! They explained away the problem by stating that the issue of the flare appearing at the edge of the camera was caused by out-of-scene light sources. Apparently, when a source of light is placed at an angle, it reflects off the surface causing the flare.

More problems! Are the users really to blame? We think not!
 After giving an informed diagnosis, Apple went on to suggest that users should correct the issue by altering the position of the camera to reduce the amount of bright light entering the camera’s lens or shielding the camera with one’s hand to minimize the flare. It can be assumed that some, if not most, of the customers had already tried these “solutions” therefore it doesn’t really change the fact that the problem is still there. 

 Other generations of the Apple iPhones, for instance the iPhone 4S, have not had this issue therefore it cannot be the user’s fault, rather not entirely. Being the most advanced smartphone currently on the market, one would assume that the iPhone 5 would not have such issues, but alas! To top it all off, the users are being used as scapegoats while Apple buys time to find an adequate solution for future models. Generally, Apple needs to find a permanent solution for the “purple flare” problem and not expect the users to reduce or deal with it by using a fleshy appendage.
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