iPhone 5 India Release Date

iPhone 5 India Release Date
 According to reports by BGR India, Apple’s latest device, the iPhone 5, will be launched on October 26th, 2012. It is actually believed that Apple will introduce the phones in numerous countries in two phases-the first phase will begin on October 19th and the second phase will begin on October 26th, which is when the phones will arrive in India. However, the company refused to comment on the much-awaited iPhone 5 launch in India. 

 The Delhi-based executive editor of BGR India, Rajat Agrawal, confirmed that the iPhone 5 will indeed be launched on the last Friday of this month in India. This launch will differ from previous Apple launches because the company claims that they will handle the sales of the device directly other than partnering with Indian telecom firms like Aircel or Airtel. However, Mr. Agrawal said that he is uncertain about the number of units that will arrive in India due to the shortage of iPhone 5’s that Apple has been facing.

 The price of the new iPhone 5 is yet to be set though most experts concur that the basic model will cost approximately Rs 45,000. This estimated cost is based on last year’s launch price for the iPhone 4S and the cost of an unlocked iPhone 5 in nations like Singapore, which is about Rs 43,600. 
iPhone 5 India Price
The iPhone 5 is selling like wildfire in the USA!
  After the new iOS device was launched in the United States in September, mixed reviews from customers were received as some claimed that it was boring while other stated that the product was amazing. The iPhone 5 was available in other countries such as Britain, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Japan, Germany, Singapore and Canada by September 21st, 2012. In addition to those, the company plans to launch the device in 100 countries as soon as possible, which will make it the fastest unveiling of any iPhone so far. 

 The release of the iPhone 5 in India before the Diwali festival is expected to increase its sales. According to an IDC report, India doesn’t have the subsidized pricing benefits that are available in other markets and therefore the cost of purchasing this iPhone and its accessories will be very high. Due to this reason, it can be assumed that it will take a while before Apple becomes a key player in the telecommunications industry in India regardless of whether or not the sales of the new iPhone will surpass those of the iPhone 4S.
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