Ipad Mini-Worth The Price?

Leading up to the reveal of the iPad mini, we put a lot of thought into just how Apple might see fit to price the tablet in its lineup of other iOS devices. Now that the iPad mini is official, along with its $329 starting price, some people have been wondering if that might actually be too steep a price for the tablet, considering what you get for it. Apple exec Phil Schiller is unsurprisingly not among them, and spoke to reporters about why he feels the $329 sticker is appropriate.

Reuters specifically asked about what impact the $329 tag may have on shoppers who are out to get a budget-priced tablet, instead of the type of consumer who routinely buys $500 iPads each year, as new ones arrive. Schiller seems to think that shoppers will appreciate the value of the iPad mini when they compare its cost to those of full-sized iPads. He offers the fact that users still bought regular iPads even when $200 7-inch Androids were readily available as support for why the mini’s pricing will succeed.

Do you think Schiller has a point here, or is he failing to understand consumer behavior? Won’t there be a good number of shoppers this holiday season so focused on price that they may not be able to appreciate the subtleties of the difference in user experience between a Nexus 7 and the iPad mini? Did Apple make a mistake by failing to make iPad mini pricing even more competitive than it did?
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