iPad Mini to be Presented this month!

 There have been rumors circulating for months about the pending release of Apple’s new iPad Mini. Numerous devices are scheduled to be released in October and as the speculation goes, the iPad Mini is expected to be one of those devices.

 Fortune had previously predicted that Apple would announce the release of the smaller iPad during an event on 17th October, 2012. The invites to the reporters were to go out on the 10th however the date has been changed to October 23rd. According to a very reliable technology website on all things Apple, the company is set to reveal the iPad Mini at a media event to be held in the San Francisco Bay Area.

iPad Mini release

 The change of date from the 17th to the 23rd seems to make more sense since it would be too soon for Apple to announce their release of the new iPad since the invites have not yet been sent out. In addition, October 24th, 2012 is the set date for the launch of Windows 8 from Microsoft as well as the release of Microsoft’s Surface tablet later on in the week. Furthermore, Apple is to release its annual earnings on October 25th, which means that it would be better for the company to announce the release of the iPad Mini before then.

 The iPad Mini will come with 3G/4G cellular connectivity, a smaller screen measuring 7.85 inches and a Lightning Dock Connector that is the same as the one on the new iPhone 5. Images of the smaller iPad have been doing the rounds on the Internet following a report from The Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago that mass production of the iPad Mini has already begun.

 In September, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD was released starting at $199. The same price was quoted for the Google and Asus’ Nexus 7, which was released in June. About two weeks ago, Barnes & Noble launched the Nook HD and following the trend, it also started at $199. Although no price has been quoted for the iPad Mini, it is safe to assume that it might fall within this price range. So far, Apple has refused to comment on ABC News on the rumors about the iPad Mini. However, if the rumors are true, then more information can be expected from the company very soon.

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