Galaxy Nexus Vs Iphone 5

I am aware of the fact that you people are thinking that why in the world am I testing a smartphone that is almost a year old in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to a smartphone that is brand spanking new in the Apple iPhone 5? I mean, in the world of technology one year is almost an eternity. I know that. But let me explain. First off, the Galaxy Nexus is still the current flagship Nexus smartphone from Google. And second, the Galaxy Nexus is running the latest version of Android (Jelly Bean 4.1) which has a host of new speed improvements. With that said, lets get right into it:

1.Boot Up
         The first test that I am going to conduct is the boot test.Both the phones were powered on at the same time and it was the Iphone 5 that beat the Nexus .But hey this was expected isn't it?At least the Nexus didn't lose by a great margin right?

2.App Launch Speed

       In this case I opened the calculator, YouTube,flixter,camera etc.In all the cases,it was the Iphone which shone but the Nexus was lagging behind by one or two seconds only which according to me,doesn't really matter much.

3.Browser Speed

In this category again the Iphone 5 beat the Nexus but not by a huge margin just a few seconds difference only.In the Browsermark benchmark test the Galaxy Nexus scored 109591 while the Iphone scored 187608 .So that one was a huge win for the Iphone.


I don’t know about you, but I am probably more impressed by the Galaxy Nexus than I am by the iPhone 5. I mean, obviously the iPhone 5 is a fast smartphone. Its using Apple’s brand new dual-core A6 processor coupled with 1 GB of RAM. So I think everyone expects it to be fast. But the Galaxy Nexus is using the old OMAP 4460 processor, making the fact that it is only a second or so slower than the iPhone 5 so darn impressive.

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  1. What kind of comparison is this. If you want to compare the iPhone 5 than you can compare it with Galaxy S3, HTC DNA, Nexus 4 and all this phone will beat the iPhone 5.

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