Chromium-What Is It?

Chromium is the open source web browser project from which Google Chrome draws its source code.The browsers share the majority of code and features, though there are some minor differences.3.

ChromiumThe Chromium Project takes its name from the element chromium, the metal from which chrome is made. Google's intention, as expressed in the developer documentation, was that Chromium would be the name of the open source project and that the final product name would be Chrome. However, other developers have taken the Chromium code and released versions under the Chromium name and these are listed at community builds.

One of the major aims of the project is for Chrome to be a tabbed window manager, or shell for the web, as opposed to it being a traditional browser application. The application is designed to have a minimalist user interface. The developers state that it "should feel lightweight (cognitively and physically) and fast".

Chromium is the name given to the open source project and the browser source code released and maintained by the Chromium Project.It is possible to download the source code and build it manually on many platforms. Google takes this source code and adds:
Integrated Flash Player
Built-in PDF viewer
Built-in print preview and print system
The Google name and a different logo
An auto-update system called GoogleUpdate
An opt-in option for users to send Google their usage statistics and crash reports
RLZ tracking when Chrome is downloaded as part of marketing promotions and distribution partnerships. This transmits information in encoded form to Google, e.g., when and from where Chrome has been downloaded. In June 2010, Google confirmed that the RLZ tracking token is not present in versions of Chrome downloaded from the Google website directly or in any version of Chromium. The RLZ source code was also made open source at the same time so that developers can confirm what it is and how it works.
By default, Chromium only supports Vorbis, Theora and WebM codecs for the HTML5 audio and video tags; whereas Google Chrome supports these, plus AAC and MP3. On 11 January 2011, the Chrome Product manager, Mike Jazayeri, announced that Chrome will no longer support the H.264 video format for its HTML5 player, equally as Chromium does not.As of August 2012, however, Chrome still supports H.264. Certain Linux distributions may add support for other codecs to their customized versions of Chromium.

Chromium is officially ported to run on Android (4.0 and later), Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS X (Intel only) and Windows.[78] As of 2012, 32-bit and 64-bit Linux builds are possible, with only 32-bit builds possible for Mac OS X and Windows.[79]
Chromium is available for Windows, Mac and Linux 32-bit directly.[80]

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