Canadian RIM Blackberry 10 Shows 'Toasts'

BlackBerry 10 shows off different toast notifications in leaked slidesCalled Cinnamon Toast and French toast, they provide the Blackberry user with unique ways to interact with various notifications. For those that do not know, “toasts” typically refer to simple notifications in a small pop-up.
This notification provides a progressively revealing view of the incoming message as you tilt the device into view.

Starting with Cinnamon Toast, the Canadian Company,RIM has taken hold of a pretty neat idea for when a message comes in. When a message comes in, the user is alerted. Once the user picks up their BlackBerry and begins tilting it to view the notification, the message provides a progressively more revealing preview of the message. Once the handset reaches an angle of 45-degrees, the whole message preview is displayed. The revealing feature is continuous and reversible, so once you have seen enough, you can place your BlackBerry back on the desk or table and the progressively revealed message disappears in the same way as it appeared.

French Toast addresses the “doh!” factor of accidentally deleting a message. It is an interactive response to deleting a message that does not require you to “confirm” the delete like other interactions might require. The notification allows you to easily undo the delete if you choose to. The alert remains for a period of 3-seconds and disappears once you begin to do something else. You can also place the notification on different parts of the screen.

Blackberry 10 was already very gesture-centric and all these are adding to the wow factor.I am pretty certain that the Blackberry 10 is going to be a super hit OS.Can't wait for it!

Frech Toasts provide a passive ability to undo a message delete action, without forcing a delete confirmation

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