Best Firefox Add-ons For 2012

Mozilla Firefox logo Firefox,one of the most popular browsers in the world,has the largest collection of add-ons.It is needless to say that these add ons are the reason why firefox is so popular.The add-ons increase the functionality of the browser.
However,installing too many add-ons can hamper your browsing speed.So lets get started with my choices for the best extensions and try a few out. They're free, after all. You'll see just how useful they are.


On many websites, you have to slog through page after page to read an entire article.
If you're sick of clicking "Next," try AutoPager. It works with a wide variety of popular sites, turning multi-page articles into one long page, automatically loading the next page when you get to the end so the scrolling never stops.

2.Ad Block Plus

 If you hate advertising, you should install this tool and filter the commercials out of your Web surfing. The 2.0 version has an option to let you view the more non-intrusive ads.This is an excellent app and I strongly recommend this.
3.Evernote clearly

Clearly is a service of Evernote. It takes articles, blog posts, and other webpages that you might be too busy to read and reduces them to just the text you want, distraction-free. You can change the text type and background for optimal readability. Of course, you can then save that same cleaned-up version of the text directly to Evernote for reading later.
4.Cleanest Add-on Manager

If you have a lot of add-ons installed and have difficulty in handling those,then this app is for you.This extension makes managing them easier by reducing the size of the page and making it a snap to disable or remove those you no longer want.

5.Google Gears
An oldie but a goodie, Google Gears is the Firefox add-on that's not a Firefox add-on; you can use it with any browser to store your Google Web app data to your hard drive. Why would you want to drag your Gmail, Google Calendar or Google Docs offline? So you can use them without a Web connection, of course. Frequent air travelers will understand how helpful this can be, especially since it's easier to get free Wi-Fi in-flight than at airports these days. 

6.Down Them All!

 For you compulsive downloaders out there , DownThemAll! is what you've been looking for. It's a highly customizable download manager that lets you pause, resume, accelerate and automate your Web downloads. Best of all? It offers the option to download all the images or links on a page, saving you the trouble of endlessly right-clicking every element of a gallery or, say, a list of great Firefox add-ons.

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