iPhone 5 images - amazing concept art and 3D models!

 Are you ready for some more iPhone 5 photos, models and concepts? I really love it when a group of talented artists creates a series of 3D renders and models based on rumors and their own speculations. This type of activity allows us all to bring to life the vision inside our heads. Sometimes it’s for the best and other times we may not like what we see. Today we have two (2) of the Apple iPhone 5 photos which are 3D render concept art. 

The iPhone 5 pictures (concept renders): 

iphone 5 images 3d render

iphone 5 photos and concept art

 These brilliant iPhone 5 images and renders are the work of a Dutch designer Martin uit Ulrecht who did an excellent job at sharing his vision of the upcoming iPhone 5 with us. If I didn’t know any better I’d think this was the real deal! In fact these iPhone 5 pictures and renders are so realistic that some online media thought it was the real thing. Still, I really hope that this isn’t the design of the iPhone 5. The reasons is that I would like it if the design was more unique compared with the previous devices in the Apple line-up. 

  Entire generations of iFans grew up on similar designs that became too repetitive and quite honestly plain and dull. In terms of the design the iPhone 4S was the biggest disappointment as it is hard to tell it from the previous model. However, the iPhone 5 may feature a 4 inch screen and this will certainly call for a new look. The extra space also makes room for better hardware and the next iPhone will certainly be packing some great gear bellow the hood. Right now Apple needs to beat the Exynos 1.6 quad core processor that Samsung is using on some Galaxy S3 models and is planning on putting inside the GalaxyNote 2.

 Some are worried that the iPhone 5 may fail to fulfill our expectations and the pressure is on the team making the device due to the rumor that this was the last device the late Steve Jobs worked on.

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