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I came across some cool gadgets for the iPhone while browsing through ZDNet. They listed 10 gadgets, however, not all 10 gadgets really "WOW"ed me. These were my top choices that I liked. I will provide the direct link underneath.

1) JoyStick Attachment
For you those like that play games on your iPhone as much as I do, you will definitely like this small gadget called the iStick. It's basically a tangible joystick to attach onto your iPhone. It will definitely be more accurate than using your actual finger.

2) 2D to 3D converter for iPhone
3D TVs have been a big "in" device lately, however, who says you can't have a converter for your iPhone. These glasses will be able to convert the videos on your iPhone into 3D viewing. Definitely one of the cooler gadgets I saw.

3) SD Card Reader for iPad
I know it's kind of a pain to transfer your photos from your camera to your computer and then transferring your photos onto your iPad. That is a 3 step process. However, there is now a SD card reader that gives you the ability to directly transfer all your photos from your SD card to your iPad or iPhone.

4) iPhone Projector

I first saw a projector like this with a Sony camera and thought it was pretty cool. Now there is a projector kit for your iPhone. You can now share whatever you're streaming or video you have with your friends on a projector anywhere.

This is the article you can see. These were my choices of gadgets that I thought were cool and savvy.

ZDNet Gadget Article

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