3 v 1 for the iPhone 5

While many are waiting for the iPhone 5 supposedly coming out this September. There has been many changes within the iPhone. There are going to be 4 major changes in the iPhone.

Relationships with Google going sour with Apple?

The first removal would be the Google Maps App that is already installed in the iPhone. There hasn't been news about whether there will be a Google Map app in the Apple App Store, but there won't be stock App already installed in the iPhone 5.

Secondly, YouTube will also be removed from the pre-installed App on the iPhone.

The next major change in the iPhone that people are already complaining about is the new connector that Apple has decided to change. Currently, whether you are using the iPhone, iPod, or iPad, they all are using the 30 pin connector. iPhone 5 will be using a 19pin connector. This will change a lot of accessories for the new upcoming iPhone. The reason for this change is in order to have a 4G radio on the iPhone.

Lastly, this is probably the only good change that will be happening to the iPhone is the new nano microSIM. The iPhone5 will be having a smaller SIM card in order to have more space available for the iPhone.
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