Apple iPhone 5 leaked photos of new parts

 Just another casual day for the Apple fans as we have more leaked photos of the latest iPhone 5 device. This isn't an official leak but the result of some brilliant engineering by the guys from iResQ who got a hold of some of the iPhone 5 parts and are trying to assemble the device on their own to at least give us a solid hint on what to expect. The parts of the iPhone 5 will be shown in the picture next to the iPhone 4S for comparison purposes. Apart from throwing in the iPhone 5 parts the guys working on the project were able to fit the charging & dock port as well as a headphone jack into the port.  

 In these iPhone 5 pictures you will the "iPhone 5" on the left, while the iPhone 4S sits next to it for comparison. You can see just how larger the screen is supposed to be in comparison to the previous models. Let us know in the comments if you think that such a size is acceptable.

Apple iPhone 5 leaked photos

Apple iPhone 5 parts

 As for the release date of the iPhone 5, Apple still remains mysterious and is holding back on their press releases. Their legal lawsuit with Samsung is nearing an end soon so we can expect them to get back on track on producing their devices. The rumored iPad Mini which will be a 7.85 inch tablet is also expected to come out soon. As for the release date of the iPhone 5 I have so far heard the following rumors about the date:
  • 12th of September
  • 21st of September

  • 5th of October 
 All rumors speculate we will be seeing the iPhone 5 soon, let us hope this is true!
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