iPhone 5 displays shipping starts this month!

 The company which has been tasked with producing the screen of the iPhone 5, the new genius phone, is called Sharp and they have announced that they are ready to begin shipping the displays for the new iPhone 5 this month which is great news for the fans of high-tech gadgets and Apple products. The company is based in Japan and their press team was very eager and excited to share some stories with the world. Seeing as the display will be e created according to quality of Japanese engineering we can expect some really nice features and great screen quality and color depth.  

 Our news source, Reuters, reported that Sharp president Takashi Okuda gave the statement: "shipments will start in August" while talking about the new and upcoming Apple iPhone 5. However, he refused to give further details or any more information regarding the screen size of other features which is a real pity. 

Rumored concept art of the 4 inch screen

 Remember that we previously talked about the screen size and expressed some rumors referring to the iPhone 5 screen and display which will soon enough be either proven true or false.

 Further speculations say that t he display is no doubt based on Sharp's IGZO technology, which delivers lower energy consumption which is line with the green and Eco-friendly policy. Sharp's press team said in April that they are looking to make the IGZO technology available to mobile devices and the new iPhone 5 will probably be the first mobile phone taking advantage of this technology. 

We might get a lot of answers sooner  than expected as the iPhone 5 might be presented to the public on the 12th of the September, however, the official iPhone 5 release date remains unknown.

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