What Is Memory Leak And How To Fix It

                          Does your PC often hang?Often it happens that this occurs due to unavailable free memory.But this can also occur if you are running just one application,maybe a browser?How do you account for that?Well,the answer is memory leak.A memory leak is a particular type of unintentional memory consumption by a computer program when that program fails to release memory when no longer needed. This condition is normally the result of a bug in a program that prevents it from freeing up memory that it no longer needs.In this case,memory is allocated to a program, and that program subsequently loses the ability to access it due to program logic flaws.
Memory leak can sometimes be extremely fatal and hence it is necessary to detect memory leak and rectify it.

How to detect memory leak?

Sometimes it may happen that you are just going on running program after program when suddenly you notice that the PC starts to slow down.Once you close those apps the PC returns to its normal state.That slowing down is not due to memory leak but due to unavailability of free RAM.

                 Whenever you feel that the machine is slowing down and you have just one or two programs open then it is better to use the task manager.Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open it.There you can check the amount of memory being used by each process.

                       If your browser is using too much memory ,according to you then it may be a case of memory leak.But always check for viruses .They are notorious for slowing down your PC substantially and you can't even detect with the task manager.

How To Fix It?

Okay so now you know what a memory leak is and how to detect it.But how do you fix it?Here are the steps.

1.Download Process Explorer and set it as the default task manager.This application is very useful and can provide much more information than the built in one.
Process Explorer

2. Download FreeRAM XP Pro
Free RAM XP Pro
3.Whenever you feel your machine slowing down open the task manager(process explorer).
4.Whichever process is using too much memory just close that process.
5.Now open FreeRAM XP Pro.
6.Press Go .Now it will try to compress the RAM and hence increase the memory.
7.After its job is done you will feel the difference.
8.Restart your apps.If it was a browser then you can easily restore the opened tabs.

Hope you liked this tutorial .Please comment to let me know how it worked.
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