Iphone No Longer To Be Sold In Mexico

                               Everyone knows that the name Iphone wasn't first introduced by Apple. Years
before the it made its debut,there was an internet appliance called the iPhone, which was acquired by Cisco. Apple ended up getting in a lawsuit with Cisco over the rights to the name, but the disputewas ultimately settled.

                                    More recently, Apple’sbeen fighting another battle over the iPhone name, now in Mexico, but the favour has gone against Apple, denying it the rights to sell its smartphone as the iPhone. The problem is that Mexico has a telecom company called iFone that’s been operating under that name since before Apple came up with the iPhone.

                                              Inspite of knowing that IFone has come earlier Apple tried to sue iFone to force it to abandon the name. There have been years of legal volleying since, but the latest rulings make it clear that Apple is losing Reportedly, Apple was denied a motion that would have let it continue to keep selling the iPhone with that name. If it wants to sell its hardware in Mexico, it may have to come up with some new name. That could be something as simple as the “Apple Phone”, but whatever the company ends up doing, we can’t imagine it’s very happy about the way this has all happened.

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