200 Million Iphones May Be Sold By Next Year

                            Though Apple didn't manage to reach its targets this year, and dramatic shift with its board of directors, the iPhone 5 is supposed to make record sale by next year.

                           The iPhone 5 has already had a massive sales debut, with more than 5 million sold during the first weekend. For what was left of the financial quarter, an additional 27 million iPhones were sold. Michael Walkley, an analyst with Canaccord Genuity, believes that Apple will move 194 million handsets for this year, achieving quarterly sales goals that will shatter last year’s sales. The holiday quarter of 2011 was Apple’s strongest period, selling 37 million iPhones. For FY2013, sales are expected to reach 48.5 million.

                              In comparison, Samsung will likely move over 300 million handsets, but take into account that Samsung manufacturers a wide array of products whereas, Apple essentially makes one, plus a lower volume of legacy iPhones. iPad sales will be helped by the new iPad mini, with overall sales possibly topping 100 million units in the coming year.

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