Will iPhone be released in 2013 due to battery quality concerns?

 There have been reports out of Asia that only 30% of the batteries for iPhone 5 that have been produced meet Cupertino’s quality standards. Considering that iPhone 5 is expected to have the high-performance components, how will this affect the iPhone 5’s release date? Some reports suggested that the iPhone 5 was supposed to be announced in September or even August, but now, due to these reports, it is possible that they will have to re-manufacture around 70% of the batteries. That would make the announcement in August or September quite impossible.The iPhone 5’s exact release date is not known yet, but it was expected to be released in 2012. Could it possibly, due to this problem, even be delayed until the next year?

Elegant, but not flawless...

 Battery quality issues were reported by the analyst Brian White, of Topeka Capital Markets. He thinks that the possibility of iPhone 5 being released in August is highly unlikely, but that it might be possible to release iPhone 5 in September. It seems that all Аpple products have some issue that has to be dealt with. In 2010, when it was released, the iPhone 4 had problems with the infamous “antennagate”. 

iPhone 5 Battery Will be Flawless

 When iPhone 4S was released in 2010-2011, it had issues with its battery life. Apple tried to amend through software upgrades, but now it seems that this is bigger problem than it looked like. iPhone 4S’s battery problems were explained to be hardware-related. Apple therefore added in new and higher-performing hardware components (A5 processor) but they didn’t upgrade the battery. Now, it appears that the iPhone 4S has defective batteries.

S ince the iPhone 5 is expected to have bigger processor and larger display than iPhone 4S, LT and NFC, the necessity of the good battery is great. They cannot keep the battery technology the same as it is on the iPhone 4S. Since we do not know what is the cause of the battery problems – design or manufacturing issues, we do not know how long it will take to repair them. That means that delay in announcement could be even longer than we expect.

 Last year, the release of the iPhone 4s was delayed longer than anyone expected. Why would it be impossible now? Considering the problem that they are dealing with, it is quite possible to expect the iPhone 5’s announcement in January or February in 2013. Or even later.

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