iPhone 5 Release Date & Rumors Roundup

 The release date of the new brilliant iPhone 5 is quite a thing to debate about. The truth is - we just don't know anything for sure until Apple tells us! People expected it to be out in June, yet here we are - awaiting the end of July and still no news about anything important related to the highly anticipated iPhone 5. Are the rumors about the iPhone 5 2013 release due to the battery dispute true? Hope not! Foxconn CEO reminded us not to worry and that the new product that they are creating for Apple will be quite a charming device that will blow away the competition. No doubt that we trust in his words, but the question remains - when will we see that happen already?

 We can agree that the longer Apple waits, the harder things will get and more will be expected of the new iPhone 5. Fans are furious already and while true Apple addicts (no disrespect meant, I'm one of them!) will wait for the new release before selling their old phone and upgrading, many will go over to other manufacturers. In particular I am referring to Android OS based phones such as Samsung and HTC which are honestly very brilliant.  A rumor on the release date is also that we can expect it on October 5th as a tribute to Steve Jobs which would probably be a lovely thing and a smart move considering that it is often good to make people buy things out of emotions. Yes, its not a very nice thing to do, but it is a smart thing to do for Apple!

List of other rumors/announcements:

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