iPhone 5 : Brand new concept design

 It was believed that the official unveiling of the California company Cupertino’s new and long expected smartphone iPhone 5 would happen at Apple’s WWDC event which happened back in June. It has passed by, but the iPhone 5 was not unveiled. 

 There are a lot of iPhone 5 concept designs which can be found on the Internet. This smartphone could easily be just the heir of iPhone 4, but it could also be a brand new iPhone, with totally different concept and design. Remember what a huge disappointment the iPhone 4S was? We sure hope Apple won't make that mistake again!

The Latest Design Model for the iPhone 5

 One of the latest models was presented by German Apple devices website iTopNews.de, and it is quite possibly the best concept design that has been presented by now. Many believe that the new smartphone will probably include the 4 inch screen, which is an inch larger than all generations of the iPhone by now. This concept design is also wider. The iPhone 5’s screen has been made like that, because this design has five rows of icons, which is a relatively big change because all previous generations of iPhones have possessed four rows of icons. 

 The German Apple devices website’s concept is appealing to many customers . Most of the customers consider the height dimensions (4 inch) of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S (the latest two versions of iPhone) to be perfect, and because of that, keeping the same height in the new iPhone 5 is admissible. The brand new German’s design is quite possible. iPhone5 could also possibly include 4G LTE capability, and the internal parts which are required for it could be placed in German’s concept design without any problems. 

 The back of this iPhone 5 concept is also slightly different than the previous iPhones. This model is more rounded. It is also said that the smartphone will be made with aluminium or Liquidmetal unibody. The roundness would be very good inovation, because that way the iPhone 5 would feel more natural in the hand than latest iPhone generations.

 But, who can say that the iPhone 5 will look exactly like this great concept? Who can say if it will be better, or worse? We were hoping that the iPhone 5 would be unveiled at  the Apple’s annual WWDC event, but it was not. One thing is certain – it would have been an exciting moment if Apple C.E.O. Tim Cook had unveiled the iPhone 5 back then.

Check out the specs as they stand now
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