LG releases a new 3D TV Monitor with the DM2792D

[Akihabara News]

Here you are LG’s latest all in one monitor the DM279D. Available in either 17 or 27” this Cinema 3D Full HD Monitor come with an IPS Panel offering a 178 degrees view angle as well as natural color reproduction but also comes with a thing 1mm bezel.
The DM2792D comes with a pair of USB ports letting you access to movies and pictures stored on a USB Stick for example as well as basic PIP features.

Finally the DM2792D as been announced at around 500,000 Won in Korea and will be shortly available in other countries soon.

This article first appeared on Akihabara News via LG: LG releases a new 3D TV Monitor with the DM2792D

[My Take]

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The award-winning design of the LG LM9600 was hailed by Red Dot Design and CNET so why not recycle the successful form and apply it onto other electronic products like this new monitor. It still sports the stunning ribbon-inspired design of the Cinema 3D Smart TV launched this year 2012.
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