iPhone 5 3D Camera Rumors!

The official release date of iPhone 5 is still unknown. Nobody knows exactly what will be changed and what will stay the same. Therefore, there are many design concepts on the internet, there are many rumours about what will be new about it and there are certainly a lot of unhappy fans who are saddened by the fact that the new smartphone is running late. 

One of those rumors is that this Apple’s next generation smartphone, iPhone 5, will be equipped with a 3D camera. The rumors about a 3D camera were started after the Patently Apple website discovered that Apple filed a patent application, considering photography and videography. The details were not fully disclosed but some of the main subjects in the letter gave the blog a good idea of what's going on.

iPhone 5 & the 3D Camera Features


 Users would be able to scan objects and generate 3D models. A 3D camera might be able to recognize facial expressions, gestures etc. If the Apple’s latest smartphone has 3D camera, it could probably enable the facial and gesture recognition. This technology would pick up the orientation of facial muscles in order to read movements of the mouth, eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead and that way, the smartphone could make a difference between someone who is blinking and someone who is frowning. The app that uses facial recognition could be used to determine if someone likes what he is looking at (an advertisement, a product etc…) or if he is enjoying while listening to music.

The iPhone 5 might also be able to generate the three-dimensional images. The device would calculate the room’s depth and surface details in order to generate a model that you could later adjust. 

New Sensor Technology for the Sixth Generation of the iPhone?

The iPhone 5’s new 3D camera would probably use lidar and radar depth detection sensors in order to generate stereo disparity maps and make three-dimensional photos that way. Due to the fact that more and more people are buying 3D television sets, the market for devices that generate 3D imagery, like the iPhone 5, is getting larger.
This rumor has spread fast and become really popular among the customers, considering the fact that the previous generations of iPhones had cameras that could only shoot 2D photos and videos with 8-megapixel camera. 

Even though those rumors definitely sound amazing, you should not believe them right away. The possibility of the iPhone 5 having and not having 3D cameras are almost the same and therefore it is better not to hope too much before it is released. If it happens to be true, many customers would be greatly pleased and many developers would take advantage of this technology by making various new apps.

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