LG Quick Voice Challenges Siri and S Voice

LG is launching its own smartphone voice recognition PA called Quick Voice. (Photo: LG Electronics)

Before anything else we should all be reminded that Google had Voice Actions way before Siri. Marketing genius, Apple just knows how to promote their own intelligent personal assistant voice recognition software better than their competitors in a way that consumers will think its revolutionary. Siri is so successful that Sales expert Samsung came up with their own and called it S Voice. Thus, we cannot say that LG copied Apple's Siri nor Samsung's S Voice as Google's Voice Actions came first before Siri.

2012 LG Magic Motion Remote

In relation to our subject involving voice recognition of Apple and LG, is there a possibility that LG and Apple will have a patent dispute similar to what is happening between Samsung and Apple? But this time, the battle is not going to be about smartphone or tablet anymore but smart TV.

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