Futuristic Apple 3D TV Remote Control won patents but it looks familiar.

How Apple's Future 3D Remote works, Credit: Macworld

Macworld reports Apple wins patents for 3D TV remote and battery extending method.

Apple has been granted a patent for a futuristic 3D Apple TV remote control. Patently Apple reports that the device, also referred to as a ‘wand,’ could include motion detection, and/or a touchscreen that can detect gestures. The remote control patent could add evidence to speculation that Apple is working on its own HDTV.

2012 LG Magic Motion Remote
After reading the article in MacWorld UK, I could not help but wonder if Apple got their inspiration for their future 3D TV remote control from LG's award winner Magic Motion Remote that received tons of good reviews. Many people called it a magical wand that can do wonders to your LG Cinema 3D Smart TV.

Apple is known for its minimalist approach across all their products. Less is better. For many Apple competitors, abundance and variety are often the key. For Apple, it's not the volume or quantity, but the right items just enough to get the important things done and the LG Magic Motion Remote is the perfect expression of that idea in 3D Smart TV.

Learn more about the wonderful features of the LG Magic Motion Remote by clicking the link below.
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