LG holding tablet plans to focus on smartphones

LG Optimus Pad
[From The Verge]
After finding little success with its line of Optimus Pad Android tablets, LG has apparently decided to quit while it's behind. A company spokesman has today revealed that LG won't be doing much new development on the tablet front, choosing instead to focus on smartphones. Along with Samsung, LG is one of the world's biggest electronics manufacturers out there which produce their own laptops, smartphones, TVs and home appliances, so its decision to exit the tablet market (even if it's just a temporary one) strikes us as a rather bold step to take. Then again, it also illustrates perfectly how difficult it is for any hardware manufacturer not named Apple to turn tablets into a profitable business — something which Microsoft's overnight introduction of own-brand Surface tablets is not going to make any easier. As the LG representative notes, however, Microsoft's Surface tablets are not seen as "competing with anything we’re focusing on at the moment."

[My Take]
Knowing when to pause when you see that it is not your time in that domain is a smart move. Focusing on an area where you can be better at is a smarter move. Although concentrating on something you are already great at is the smartest move. LG must focus on both smartphones and smart TVs. Always being in the number two spot or three can be challenging yet very exhausting for LG. If only they could be the number one in TV which is not that hard to achieve since they already have tons of smart TV products and services that really catch our attention. They just need to fine-tune them and create more unique features that can stand out more in the TV crowd.

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