Worlds most energy-friendly LCD TV

Say good bye to expensive heat… well in this case electricity.  You may now be able to pay your bills on time after those countless football games on a big HDTV. LG has developed a TV utilizing a one-sided Edge method, allowing only 28 w of usage while turned on, giving it the title, “Worlds most energy-friendly LCD TV”.

Power consumption is one of the main problems of big TVs especially plasmas, leaving consumers reluctant on purchasing current mainstream models. The difference in power consumption can be quite significant per inch when crossing over the 40” barrier. That is why engineers have been constantly working on developing more power-efficient products.

“LG says that they have set a new record as their 47-inch TV consumes just 28 W – even less than most 20-inch monitors today. LG also claims that they still achieve a fairly high brightness level from the 47-inch panel, which has a slim 8.5 mm bezel.  The low power consumption level is made possible by using one-sided Edge LED backlighting. Instead of incorporating LEDs on all sides or on top and bottom, LG has integrated LEDs on only one side of the LCD panel, thus lowering power consumption because fewer LED are lit. The light is distributed across the panel with a light diffuser”.

LG has not announced a date for when these new panels will be implemented into current TV models however we can expect them in the lineup as earlier as next year. 
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