LG 3D SMART TV - Review

OK. Even though LG’s smart TV doesn’t have as many apps as Samsung’s smart tv, the apps are much better.  Let’s start with the menu. The menu is one of the cleanest ones  I’ve seen, and I’ve used almost every smart TV there is except for Philips. The simplicity of the layout gives great advantages in using the magic remote. I also noticed the speed is a lot faster than Samsung’s and Sony’s smart tv.

Now I’ll talk about the main app I use on the TV, facebook. To access this app, you need to set your privacy settings on your facebook account to allow access from the TV. You’ll have to do this from a computer by going to http://tvfacebook.lge.com . Afterwards, you can access your account from your TV. It has all the functions as using from the computer. You can watch videos, look at images, and even comment on them. Everything looks better IMO on the TV.

Another app that I enjoy is the MLB app. This app lets you watch any MLB game that is on, way better than watching games you’re not interested in on FOX or TNT. You can also watch previous games that you may have missed.  You can access it by just clicking it on the premium apps menu.

Youtube is another great app on this TV. All you have to do is click the app and type in any video you would like to see and you’re set. Watching the vids on a big screen definitely looks nicer.
There are definitely a lot of great apps on LG’s smart TV. More and more quality apps are introduced with each firmware update. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next one.
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