Can you say smart? TVs are now called Smart TV, well at least LG models are. Im surprised they don’t come with a given IQ score. These Smart TVs are packed with all sorts of goodies; Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, MLB, you name it. All the stuff from the PC, straight onto your big screen TV.  That’s not all, facebook, the world’s most popular social networking site has now integrated its site into the Smart TV software. You can now enjoy everything with the touch of the magic wand remote, which is a remote with only a few buttons that utilizes a cursor on the TV to access the functions. The best thing is, all this can be enjoyed while sitting on the couch. I will post an update with an detailed review shortly.
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  1. Its graphics shows the quality of TV. The feature you tell is looking awesome whenever i purchase a Tv this will be my new latest laptops hp first choice.Thank you for telling the specification.

  2. The Rocket Droid Pc is a device that is aiming to be the most powerful portable mini Android dongle. It will plug directly into the HDMI port of any TV and instantly turn it into kick-butt SMART TV - bringing all the power of an Android Mobile Phone to your previously boring TV!

  3. this is really amazing tv. I have this tv


  4. Hello, we're planning to but Smart TV in the Philippine this holidays due to many sales, but still wondering what makes smart tv so special?:)