Our New Generation

I think everyone can agree that we’re entering a new era of television. Scratch that, we’re already living it. Quite literally. From the old black-and-white days to the big silver screen, from HD quality images to… 3D technology! It’s the most innovative way of viewing your movies, television shows and pretty much anything else.

3D Technology has advanced to create battery free, lightweight glasses and flicker free, crosstalk free 3D TVs. This is the passive technology, mind. Everything is designed for maximum comfort and an unforgettable 3D viewing. If you’re still clinging to the days of 2D, I say that there’s no need to worry. Don’t be afraid or worried about letting go of the old. The new 3D TVs preserve the 2D but allow for something more, something beyond. In the case of Cinema 3D, you can even convert your 2D content to 3D and back. I think it’s a great step forward in terms of home entertainment. So why not sit back, relax and let the images come to live around us with 3D TVs?
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