3D Printing

3D, which generally depicts three dimensions of matter is now becoming mainstream through TV and many other gadgets. A new addition to this list is 3D printing. Think about the situation when simple commands over the computer can print a solid 3D gift item for your friend’s birthday or your friend just emails you a flower pot.  Yes, this all will be possible by an innovative technology called 3D printing.
This unbelievable technology will have a huge impact in the worldIn the future, we can expect to be able to download and print ordered purchases through the internet.
The development of 3D printers is in continuous process through its initial phase. Now there are several 3D printers available in the market which can easily convert any virtual 3D object into a physical 3D object.
This magical 3D printing technology works on simple additive manufacturing technology where the three dimensional object is made by laying down many successive layers of material. 3D printing in the future will not only have impact on prototyping, but also in medicine, arts, auto parts, and even outer space.
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