LG comeback is massive with passive.

Ok. I have some exciting news for LG LW6500 owners and those who are interested in 3D LED TVs. LG has just announced that they have made an update to the Cinema 3D technology used in the LW series. The new software is for the 3D algorithm which, according to LG, improves 3D picture quality and 3D resolution. Now this brought a lot of skepticism among popular review sites, many whom have previously made detailed reviews. That’s why, FlatpanelsHD (http://www.flatpanelshd.com) decided to put LG to the test.

Since I am not affiliated in this review site in any way, I will just post their reviews as “  “. 

We tested LG’s LW6500 earlier this year but LG recently made some improvements to their 3D system and software to improve 3D picture quality and Cinema 3D was also recently awarded a Full HD 3D Certified by a German institute”.

Before the Cinema 3D technology worked like this: During a time period of 1/200 seconds the TV showed 2 frames; 540 lines for the left eye and 540 lines for the right eye.
The new algorithm shows 4 frames instead of 2 during the 1/200 second time frame. It shows 1080i for the left eye and 1080i for the right eye.  When these are combined the two pictures create a 1080p picture according to LG. LG believes that this update improves picture quality on their Cinema 3D TVs to compete directly with the active 3D TVs such as 3D plasma TVs”.

Now in the much heated debate between active and passive 3D, LG has seemed to solidify its claim that image quality isn’t sacrificed in comparison to Shutter Glass technology (active). With almost all top companies in the world taking a no-holds barred approach in dominating the competition, we can anticipate active 3D manufacturers making modifications to their schadenfreude schemes for round three of the TV wars. 

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