Samsung to pay Millions to Settle Lawsuit: Can Samsung Still Compete with LG, and others for the Upcoming Best OLED Tech Display?

With the recent lawsuits over Samsung’s mass LCD TV sets power defects, I wonder whether Samsung Electronics is still going to grasp a better position in a competitive Electronics Market following the upcoming Q3 2012 OLED display. Even though this happened a year ago, I believe many customers and especially those affected will never want to consider Samsung TV sets anymore. And if that happens, I’m afraid the almighty Samsung Electronics may become history in the Smart World of Electronics business. But be that it may, "Samsung has serious issues to contend with despite its sales success, since the persistent failure of its LCD TV sets stroke numerous Samsung TV consumers".....dailytech

The experience of one victim by name "Jerry Nichols” was really grievous knowing that even his second Samsung TV set got broken just barely six months after the previous one got bad. His experience was as follows:

Samsung LCD power defects:

"This is my second Samsung purchased from Amazon! The first broke down after six months use and it took the Samsung repairman six weeks to show up to replace one board (less than 15 minutes) and it now works fine. This time I set the new 3D set up on December 19th and it had a black screen on December 20th. The repairman showed up on December 22. He replaced two boards to no avail. He has now ordered a new front panel, basically a new television to be assembled in my home. It will be sometime after Christmas before the new front panel shows up. In my opinion a new set should have been provided to compensate for the four hours use that we got, and what seems to be an extreme repair in the works! It is December 30th, 10 days since original failure; the service man has been here twice. The first time he places the Main Board, and the Power Board. The set continued with the same problems dark screen and flashing power light. The service man was convinced it was the LCD Panel (Basically the entire television except the bezel). The new panel arrived yesterday. I assisted with the installation. Same problem dark screen and flashing power light! The service man went through a series of trouble shooting steps to discover that they think it is a ten dollar cable from the power board to the display board".......dailytech

According to news from, "One remarkable effect that the Samsung LCD TV failure may bring is that in which consumers may lost their precious time and money. However, some of the problems were reportedly sourced to electrolytic capacitors from firms based in China but it’s quite possible that a variety of similar cost-cutting budget components were culprits in other failures, given the diverse kinds of failures afflicting the unfortunate LCD TV owners. The overall result was that owners often would have their sets die at the two year mark -- right when their warranty expired -- may have been unaware of Samsung's blanket repair promise, paying for repairs out of pocket. Nevertheless, Samsung has agreed to offer its users some financial relief. That is, users who paid out-of-pocket repairs costs on certain sets prone to capacitor failures can now seek to get up to $300 USD in compensation. Even users who did not pay for repairs may be eligible to a smaller settlement". 

Samsung LCD power defects caused by too much competition

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