Making the Future Bright with OLED TV:

Research has shown that in order to enhance the color or brightness, manufacturers can add complex chains of molecules (polymers) to the carbon-based layers. Just like LCDs, which require backlighting, OLED displays are “emissive” devices, meaning they emit light rather than modulate transmitted or reflected light. From what I noticed, thin organic layers serve these displays as a source of light, which offers significant advantages in relation to conventional technologies. Some of the features that make OLED TV to be distinct from other previous TVs include:

brighter and more brilliant picture
unlimited viewing angle
low power consumption
economic production
fast “response time”

The prerequisites for a breakthrough of this technology in the market, which is estimated in 2010 to be worth over USD 2 billion, are the optimization of certain critical performance data such as lifetime and efficiency. This requires innovations in materials meaning that chemistry will decide about the future and the success of the OLED technology. OLEDs – Organic Light-Emitting Diodes are the light of the future.

LG  OLED TV: Coming Soon

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