The Magic AN-MR200 Remote control:

I have being hearing about the word “magic”, but I thought it wasn’t real. Interestingly, LG Electronics, through its quest for new technology, was able to prove me wrong by inventing the latest magic remote control. If I had never used or seen it at all, then, I wouldn’t have believed it myself. In fact, the new LG Electronics remote control really works like “magic”. Do you know why I also called it “magic” control? Because, it works like a mouse and when using it, all you need do is point and click at any arrow on your LG Smart TV set and tell me how wonderful it feels like to have  a magician in your home.
That is not all; the good news is that the Magic Motion Remote Control provides the easiest control over your LG Smart TV.  It basically has a three steps function that I really like. That is, all you need to do is; just point, click, and control. That’s it. One more thing, simplicity is what you will get when using the AN-MR200.
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